More About Our Action Films

There are two ways to see our action films “The Steal” and “The Set Up”. One is simply to click on the Our Action Films Tag and this will show you “The Steal” and “The Set Up” as well as a short clip of me demonstrating with CJ how to do Five Step Sparring. Or you can go to our Home Page and go down to “Read More” where you will see the two tags for these films. Just click on a tag and the page will open and then click on the film. For the Carnival displays go to the Carnival Display Tag under the Our Action Films Tag.

So,there are currently Two Action Films, two action videos of the Buntingford Karate Club at the 2014 Buntingford Carnival and a video clip of me demonstrating Five Step Sparring. The Five Step Sparring clip was shot by Rick and the Buntingford Carnival display for 2014 video was shot by Marcus. The Buntingford Carnival display 2016 one was shot by Paula who is Rick’s wife and she has demonstrated a rock solid performance with no camera shake – and she was holding the camera in one hand!

“The Set Up” and “The Steal” were shot by a young lady film maker who is also my friend.

The Carnival Displays are lots of fun and we had good time slot for them….and the sun was out!! The displays very much showcase what we do in our club for street self defence. In my opinion there is not much point in learning a Martial Art if you do not know how to use it on the street if you get attacked. So this is what we do.

“The Steal” and “The Set Up” are also to show you how we take our skills and use them against an attacker. The films are grittier (unlike the carnival display) with no fun content and yes we landed those punches and kicks!

Sensei Bill