Hi All. Last night (Thursday 18th Jan) Libby went for her Green Belt (6th Kyu) and Finn went for his Purple Belt (5th Kyu) at the Buntingford Karate Club. These two are probably the most laid-back members of our club. In a way this slightly held them back when they graded, because even though their demonstration of techniques were of […]

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Alastair gets his 1st Kyu

Hi All. The Buntingford Karate Club held another grading on Tuesday night, this time for Alastair. Alastair came to us as a 2nd kyu brown belt from another club. He left his old club because the instructor told him not to ask questions “just do what I tell you”. Alastair’s father, quite rightly, was appalled by this (as was I […]

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More Grading Successes

Hi All. Last night at the Buntingford Karate Club Libby took a grading to confirm her belt colour and Finn went for his next belt, 6th kyu (green). Libby came to us from another club where she had already just graded to red belt. However, their red belt was the equivalent of our orange. So, if Libby passed her belt […]

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