Shotokan Karate Black Belt – CJ Hooper

CJ is the one to watch if you want to learn how to use a fighting stick (four foot Jo and six foot Bo staffs). He can make the staffs appear to be almost alive in his hands. At the request of Sensei Bill, CJ will often give a lesson on the use of the staffs to the students who come along to the Jo Jitsu and Bo Jitsu lessons armed with an assortment of “sticks”, from the real things to broomsticks (watch out all you witches on Halloween!).

CJ is also extremely keen and dedicated to his Karate and Martial Arts and has a number of advanced level Kata under his black belt, although his favourite is Gankaku – the Crane on a Rock.

CJ enjoys his freestyle and enjoys a good battle but is very keen to pass on his learning and expertise to the lower graded belts.