Grading Successes at the Buntingford Karate Club

Last week the Buntingford Karate Club had another grading for it’s members. Abi went for her 1st (3rd kyu) brown belt, Rick went for his Purple and white (4th kyu), Ben went for green (6th kyu), Patrick went for orange (8th kyu) and Owen and John went for their first grading colours of red (9th kyu).

As readers of this site may know, I do not run a club where you do so many lesson and then take a grading. It all depends in my club on the individual and how they are progressing. This, quite frankly, maintains a higher standard. The gradings cost £12 each and if you pass we buy your belt out of that fee. I am not in this for the money and never have been. I am in it because I love my Martial Arts and I love teaching it to people.

All of the above members were ready for their gradings and I am pleased to report that they all passed. In fact they all turned in exemplary performances and it was only silly little mistakes that I could not ignore that prevented some of them from double grading. Still, it means that they will probably come up for their next grading even quicker!

Well done to you all!

Sensei Bill.




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