Where did all the low grades go?

Well, the title says it all. But the answer is “on holiday”. By a strange coincidence most of the Buntingford Karate Club’s “lower” graded belts are also attending school and as it is our Easter Holiday break they had all gone away. And good luck to them I say!

So I was left with a balance of “upper” belts from 2nd kyu upwards. All those high grades in front of me certainly looked impressive. We also had a young lady called Ali who turned up as she was interested in joining. She was in fact so keen to join that I had to talk her out of joining in right there on the spot! I had to explain that we did not do this as the Buntingford Karate Club because I have to have people’s safety in mind and that all new recruits must go through a beginners course. Reluctantly she understood and her keen-ness leads me to hope for great things for her and from her. She watched the whole lesson in which we did basic strikes, blocks and kicks, then moved onto one on one attacks using only finger, wrist, elbow and shoulder locks as a defence. Then we did all the Heian Katas plus Ji’on, Gankaku, Sochin, Kwanku Sho and Bassai Dai. Then we did one on one unannounced atacks with any defence and finished up with Freestyle in the dark.

Ali said that she would like to join. Welcome Ali.

If you are thinking of contacting us with a view to join please check out our closure dates under the “about us” Tag.

Sensei Bill

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  • Avatar Louis Dyke

    Last night’s class was excellent. It was particularly enjoyable to have a run right through basic kata up to black belt level katas and I definitely went home feeling as if I’d completed a training session.

    Thank you Sensei.


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