Buntingford Carnival 2018 – Karate Display

Hi Folks. I did warn you in my last blog that the Buntingford Karate Club would be taking part once again in the Buntingford Carnival. Well, here’s the proof!

The theme of this year’s carnival was “At The Movies” so I decided to give some of our 10 separate self defence “sketches” a movie theme. So we did James Bond (Sam Orchard) 007 versus the Evil Blofeld (John Harris) (plus his cat!), Raiders of the Lost Ark, starring Keith Edwards and Super Heroes, starring Kyler Duncan (Superman), Jaycee Duncan (Wonder Woman) (spectacular entrance with a full-on gymnastic running roll and cartwheel!), Ben Cook (Captain America), and finally – The Incredible Hulk – aka Rick Duncan, who gave it his all and threw the rest of the cast around like they were made of paper.

As well as the above-named members other members, including Tara Woolnough, Nevin Hart and Owen Slade, also took part in self defence sketches involving demonstrations of various self defence techniques as well as bag snatches, knife attacks, muggings (with a real mug), pizza deliveries and played both central roles as well as hapless and defeated attackers.

You can see a montage of the action in the video below;

My thanks go to all of you, it was a terrific display and you should be proud of this as an achievement in front of a very large audience.

Sensei Bill.