Buntingford Karate Club has three Instructors; Sensei Bill Hooper, the Senior Club Instructor, his wife Sue Hooper and Keith Edwards, who are the Assistant Club Instructors. However another club member is drafted into service from time to time and gives lessons under Bill’s watchful eyes.

This other member is Black Belt Mr C J Hooper (Bill’s Cousin). CJ is something of an exponent of stick fighting (Jo Jitsu and Bo Jitsu). CJ is very adept at being able to put his skills across in a lesson quickly and effectively whilst holding the enjoyment of the lesson by the students.

In order that the students benefit from this expertise CJ takes the lesson from time to time (under Sensei Bill’s control). CJ’s lessons allow the students to improve their hand and eye co-ordination by the fast handling of the Jo or Bo.