Our Action Films

THE BUNTINGFORD KARATE CLUB’S VERY OWN ACTION FILMS!!… “THE STEAL” and “THE SET UP”- (we made them and we’ve got the bruises to prove it!) Run them here or go to You Tube, search for “Buntingford Karate Club” and WATCH THEM NOW!! “The Steal” is the one below and “The Set Up” is below that. Also on this page is a short clip of Sensei Bill demonstrating Five Step Sparring with CJ.

HERE’S OUR OTHER ONE……”THE SET UP” Action Film ….it’s not Shakespeare…it’s fighting!

Followers of these pages will know that “The Set Up” was the first action film that we launched on an unsuspecting public! Under the tutored guidance of our own tame professional Film Director (to paraphrase Top Gear) we learned a lot in making “The Set Up”.  As I have outlined before, “The Set Up” was created to showcase what we can teach you in the Buntingford Karate Club to enable you to beat off an attacker, it is NOT supposed to be a Hollywood production so please forgive the “script” or dialogue as Mr Paul Fletcher and I are fighters, not actors, Paul being a very keen and experienced amateur boxer. However, the filming, post production and editing is very professional and the soundtrack by Unknown Soldier is dark and threatening – and you might recognise the voice in the introduction! I personally think that our film maker has done a remarkable job on this film, especially since that whole thing had to be shot in one hour! “Why?” you ask…well that was only how long we had for the use of the room we were in!

If you have been reading these pages you will know that I thought we were nearly there when our action video came back from the Unknown Soldier sound studio (unknownsoldier@london.com)  and was passed to our professional film maker for what is called “post production”. Our film maker decided that it could be improved. So she carried out some judicious editing and we passed it back to Unknown Soldier. This entailed me going back into the sound studio and making a lot of grunting and yelling to add some realism. The Soundtrack process took a little time but the studio has used a whole raft of unusual noises (heart beats, helicopter rotor blades, footsteps etc) to come up with a gritty and urban soundtrack that really suits the action video. The Unknown Soldier sound studio has done a great job and I am sure that you will be as happy with the result as I am.

We then started work on another short film which was originally to be called “Call Security” but we changed this to “The Steal”. When you see the film you’ll know why. I used my Cousin CJ and my friend Lou Dyke (both of whom you will recognise as being two of the Buntingford Karate Club’s students) as  two of the three martial artists in the film, me being the third. We also drafted Paul Fletcher back in and also managed to cajole another friend, Mr Nuvin Ramiah into joining in and we again used our tame Film Director to shoot the film. This time we had the luxury of having the set for about four hours!

I rehearsed CJ and Lou with their parts and action in the Buntingford Karate Club and we then had about fifteen minutes to teach Nuvin and Paul their action sequences when they arrived at the set! It is a credit to both guys that they picked it all up so fast. The action sequences were really full on and we all came away with bumps and bruises. But boy, was it exciting! We really hope that you enjoy both films.

Sensei Bill Hooper.

Other Videos

The video shown below of me demonstrating Five Step Sparring was shot by Rick, one of the Karate club members. Other videos have been shot by a member of the Buntingford Karate Club, Mr Marcus Edwards, Shotokan Karate Black Belt and the 2016 Carnival display was shot by Paula, Rick’s wife. The Buntingford Karate Club wishes to give its grateful thanks to these individuals for their time, effort and experience. Why not check us out on YouTube? Enter Buntingford Karate Club and have a look.

Sensei Bill Hooper.

Below is a short film of Sensei Bill Hooper teaching and demonstrating 5 Step Sparring (Go Hon Kumite).

*Update – We are currently in the process of making a number of videos from training at the club including various levels of members performing Kata, sparring and freestyle at the club and they are shown “warts and all”. There are some mistakes but they show you what we do and are not meant to be instructional. These videos will be posted around this site and some are already available in our YouTube channel directly.