Once the potential student/member joins they must pay in advance for a five week beginner’s course. This is currently priced at £40. Once you have gone through the beginners course you will join the bulk of the club in training and for this we only currently charge just £7.00p for the two hours lesson but we have to have a four week payment in advance. We believe this is excellent value for money. Why so cheap? – Well, we are not trying to rip you off! We have to make enough money to pay for the hire of the hall and we are not in this to make big profits.

Students can train once a week or twice a week but must pay for their lessons in advance. We regret that no payment is returnable. If however a student is going on holiday then we do not charge for that time away. Similarly there may be other reasons why a member simply cannot attend such as ill health (we are not talking about colds or headaches here) then in such circumstances we are prepared to waive the fee for that night’s training. Talk to us!

When you join our Karate Club you must also register with an organisation called Shi Kon Budo Kai (SKBK) this is done through the Buntingford Karate Club and the owners/instructors will do all the paperwork and applying for you. SKBK are a large Karate and Martial Arts organisation based in Kent. We are registered with them so that we can get Karate Club Insurance. SKBK make no other demands upon our club however membership of them gets you your licence to train. There is a small annual fee of £10 which is charged by SKBK and must be paid in advance to the owners/instructors from the time that you join. This fee does not go into our club funds but goes direct to Shi Kon Budo Kai. There is NO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE paid to the Buntingford Karate Club.

Sensei Bill and Sensei Sue take the club gradings and charge £12.00p for a grading but this includes the cost of the belt colour that you are going for. There is NO CHARGE for a Black Belt Grading as the grading is a continous one year rolling assessment from passing 1st Kyu (the last Brown Belt) which culminates with the individual being presented with their belt in class. The Buntingford Karate Club buys and awards the Black Belt at no cost to the lucky student. Why not check out “Gradings” under the “About Us” tag?

We will also require all members to purchase and wear the “angry white pyjamas” called a Gi, as well as shin and instep and fist pads. All members must wear the same type of Gi and protective padding so, if you are thinking of joining please do not buy your own beforehand as we might not let you wear them!  Sensei Bill can get good quality Gi and protective wear from a well known and reputable Martial Arts equipment supplier cheaper than non-members can. Beginners Gi are approximately £25, Shin and Instep pads are £22 per pair and padded Fist Mitts are £6.50p a pair (These prices are as at 5.12.2023, but are of course subject to change – sometimes downwards!).

If you are interested in organising a Self Defence course for your group or company then Sensei Bill Hooper can tailor make a course for you. Most courses are one and a half to two hours long and costs are very reasonable. You can find out more about the charges under the “Self Defence Courses” tag. Please note that as Sensei Bill is based in Hertfordshire other destinations would incur travelling expenses (petrol!!). To get a course organised for you we will need a minimum of only two people to attend and take part!  You do not need a great level of fitness to take part. Why not give Bill a call right now on 01763 273 123 – it could save your life! Why not check out that “Self Defence Courses” tag?