Finn gets his 4th Kyu (Purple + White)

Hi All. We had another grading recently at the Buntingford Karate club. This one was for Finn.

Finn has been very impressive with his ability to learn karate with particular regard to both Kata and Combat. He applies himself to remembering kata and has learned some of the more complicated black belt kata even before he graded for 4th kyu. Also, his large range of blocks, counters and combat techniques is very impressive.

You can see from the photos that he is a tall young man (I am 6 feet 3inches tall) and he is 15 years old. No, he is not standing on a box. He comes from a gene pool that has some very tall people in it.

Anyway, he gave us a very good grading and I have told him that I would like him to take his Brown belt (3rd Kyu) in 3 months time.

Well done Finn!