At What Age Can I Join?

At the Buntingford Karate Club we only take members who are aged 10 years old and above – But we might be able to take on someone below this age if they have trained at Karate somewhere else, or if a member of their family is already training with us, or if they are already training somewhere else and want to join us. It is always worth coming to see Sensei Bill or call him at home on 01763 273 123 to have a chat about this.

The reason why we start a 10 years is due to the fact that our lessons are full-on for two hours and a child must be able to concentrate for those two hours. Karate is a Martial Art and not a sport and for this reason a high level of attention and discipline is required in each student.

There are clubs that will take children under 10, but BEWARE….quite often it is simply about making easy money off a parent.  Don’t believe me? Then go and watch a club with very young children and see how many of them are actually training at karate.

If you really want to get a child under 10 years old into a Martial Art then my advice is to get them along to a Judo Club (Karate and Judo are NOT the same thing) where the training is done on mats and where the kids get to fall and roll about on the mats.

Sensei Bill