Self Defence Courses

“Don’t Panic!” – the SHORT and EASY TO LEARN and UNCOMPLICATED self defence, anti mugging and anti molestation course for Companies, Groups and Private Individuals. Why not use it in your Company for a Team Building exercise?

Did you know that the average mugging attack in the street only takes about three seconds to be carried out? The mugger relies on a quick strike and then makes off with anything they can grab, usually things like mobile phones, i-players, cameras, bags, purses and wallets, but sometimes your car keys if they have targeted you and your car.

IMG_1033IMG_1038Each one-off course/session lasts only between and hour and a half to two hours. Sensei Bill Hooper has run a good number of these Street Self Defence and Anti-Mugging courses which he calls “Don’t Panic!”. He not only teaches you how to overcome a Mugging Attack, or the threat of a Mugging Attack, but also instructs in how to avoid being targeted as a Victim. It is also a very good course for people who might find themselves in a threatening situation where a violent attack or molestation may occur.

Bill teaches this Self Defence so that if you were targeted for a Mugging Attack you would not only be able to spot the mugger before the Mugging Attack happened but would learn the Self Defence ability to ward off the Mugging Attack and survive.

You will be shown how to avoid a grab for your body or arm, how to avoid a punch or kick, how to avoid a knife, a push and a strangle hold and how to incapacitate the Mugging Attack, take the mugger to the floor, and how to restrain them. Bill uses a variety of locks and strikes to unbalance the mugger.

IMG_1035Sensei Bill has already run these one-off courses in Self Defence and Anti-Mugging systems for Councils, private firms and companies and Social Groups (like the Scouts or Guides for example). He has run about ten of these for GP’s and their clinical and administrative assistants in the Hertfordshire area. He has also run a number of these courses for the London Borough of Enfield as well as in a variety of community centres. Bill has also given Self Defence and Anti-Mugging instruction to various childrens groups.

BOOKING – Please contact Bill if you are interested in this Self Defence and Anti-Mugging course – 01763 273 123 or e mail These courses are usually at your own place of work (he has run these in canteen areas and conference rooms where the chairs and tables were moved out of the way – but perhaps you have a “staff training room”?), but if you have an alternative venue like a community hall or similar then that’s ok. Unfortunately Sensei Bill cannot arrange the booking of venues in your chosen area and these must be hired and paid for by the person or group who are hiring Bill at no expense to him.IMG_1042

COSTS – A one-off session takes up to two hours and is very reasonably priced: if the course is to be in Hertfordshire the rates are only £10.00 per person regardless of their age but outside of this area Sensei Bill might have to charge “travelling expenses” (ie, Petrol!). It is best if you can arrange a group of NO LESS than 6 people and remember you might be able to add friends and family to the group to make up numbers. Please note that it is best to arrange an even number taking part as there is pair work to be carried out. Sensei Bill also takes children (or also classified as a person under 16). If you have a large group of children (ie, Scouts or Guides) contact Bill with the numbers of children concerned and he will see if he can arrange a special rate for you.  

All of the Self Defence and Anti-Mugging techniques taught can be carried out by someone with a low degree of fitness or with a low strength level. Super Fitness is not a pre-requisite and you do not need to wear special clothing although T Shirts and track suit bottoms would be a good idea. Ladies please note NO SKIRTS and NO HEELS please, and generally NO TIGHT FITTING trousers/jeans for anyone please – you are going to be moving around and bending quite a bit (see the pictures attached here)!!

Sensei Bill has a very good sense of humour and is very good at putting people at their ease so you need not feel that this is going to be an intimidating course.

Want to know More? Then Contact Bill Now. Visit the Contact Us page now or alternatively call Bill on 01763 273 123 or on the Special Self Defence e mail address… Go On … it could save your Life!