Buntingford Carnival 2014 – Karate Display

Back in 2013 the Buntingford Karate Club had the honour to be asked to put on a Karate Display for the 2014 Buntingford Carnival (the Carnival happens every other year). As we teach both Shotokan Karate and Street Self Defence I decided to do a number of “sketches” or scenarios showing what we can do and how we do it.

A good number of the members volunteered to take part and we had enough material for Ten separate sketches within the Demonstration.

We performed it in our “civvies” and not our angry white pyjamas as we would be going down onto a hard road surface. We also filmed the whole thing for your enjoyment and entertainment which you can see below with a few still shots. We hope you will like it.

IMG_0118 IMG_0132

The above still shots came from our final scene, we decided to put on false moustaches (don’t ask!!). Check out Elisha and Abi demonstrating Girl Power!

Sensei Bill.