Kata is at the heart of karate, in order to grade it is essential to know katas, the higher belt you are the more katas you will know.

Kata and Triangles

This week (Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th July) I spent some time going over the Kata that the various students should be getting competent in. I have three new beginners in the club who normally come along on a Thursday but unfortunately Sam could not make it this week so Ben and Jaden went through Heian Nidan. Although they have not […]

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Kicks and Sochin Kata

Last night (Tuesday 3rd July) I covered Side Thrust Kicks  (yoko geri kekomi) and Roundhouse Kicks (mawashi geri) because a badly executed Kekomi kick can look like (and actually be) a mawashi geri kick. The delivery is all in the hip and knee action and little to do with your foot. Many students, and indeed many karate-ka believe that you […]

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