Membership Rules

Like all good organisations we have to have rules and regulations and The Buntingford Karate Club (BKC) is no different. These rules are for all the members to agree to irrespective of Karate rank or experience. They are there to ensure safety, good order and respect.


  • Students will only use the skills taught to them within the BKC for self defence and the defence of others.
  • Personal hygiene is important. Please make sure that your hair, skin, nails and Gi are kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • Students will act in a respectful and honourable way both inside and outside of the Dojo at all times.
  • No swearing or rude gestures are allowed in the Dojo.
  • Nightly fees are payable four weeks in advance.
  • Any student missing a training session forfeits their payment for the lesson they miss.
  • If a student advises the Senior Instructors that they will be absent from the BKC before they pay their next set of dues then the non-payment of those dues will be allowed.
  • Arguments and bad attitudes are to be left outside the Dojo entrance.
  • Bullying is not acceptable or allowed anywhere.
  • Students are expected to train regularly. “Regularly” means at least once a week.
  • Students must give respect to each other and to the Senior Club Instructors.
  • No student may train for longer than the beginners course without a license issued by Shi Kon Budo Kai and obtained by the Senior Instructors.
  • Grades obtained outside of the BKC will only be recognised if they are felt to be of comparable or equal grade to those in the BKC and at the Senior Instructors discretion.
  • A student who trains at the BKC but then obtains their Black Belt outside of the club will not have that Black Belt grading accepted within the BKC unless they obtained their Black Belt within the BKC first. The exception to this rule is any student with a Black Belt joining from outside of the BKC.
  • Students will be prompt in their attendance of lessons.
  • Students will respect the Dojo and any other building, or part of a building where they train.
  • Any final decision made by the Senior Club Instructors on anything concerning the BKC or the student’s training is not negotiable and is final.
  • Students must disclose any medical problems which may have an influence on the way that they are taught within the BKC.
  • Students must wear the regulation white Gi obtainable only from BKC.
  • Students must wear the regulation fist protectors and shin and instep protectors (obtainable only from the BKC) when required to do so by the Senior Club Instructors.
  • Other protective wear may only be worn at the discretion and permission of the Senior Club Instructors.