Grading Syllabuses

At the Buntingford Karate Club all beginners start as Ungraded White Belt. Upon their first successful grading they move to 9th Kyu (grade) Yellow Belt. The grades (kyu) in this club follow along the principles of the original grading syllabuses for Shotokan Karate International as they start at a pale colour (white) and gradually get darker as you progress through the grades. So our grades are: Yellow (9th Kyu), Orange (8th), Red (7th), Green (6th), Purple (5th), Purple/White Stripe (4th), Brown (3rd), Brown/1 White stripe (2nd), Brown/ 2 White stripes (1st), Black. It is possible to double grade. For information about Black Belt gradings please see the GRADINGS tag. When you grade with the Buntingford Karate Club it costs you £12. Hopefully you will pass the belt grading and your new coloured belt is bought out of that £12 and presented to you in front of the other club members on the night that you pass. There is NO CHARGE for a Black belt grading.

Belt Syllabus Yellow

Belt Syllabus Orange

Belt Syllabus Red

Belt Syllabus Green

Belt Syllabus Purple

Belt Syllabus PurpleWhite

Belt Syllabus Brown

Belt Syllabus Brown1White

Belt Syllabus Brown2White