1st Kyu For Elisha.

Hi Folks. Well, following on from my last blog (whaddya mean you haven’t read it!?) Elisha took her 1st Kyu (her final brown belt grading – next one is Black Belt) last night. She took her 2nd Kyu just under a year ago and she has progressed in leaps and bounds – perhaps that should be Mae Tobi Geri?

She had obviously spent some time practicing her basics and sailed through those. Her big worry was the kick/punch bag work at the very beginning of her grading. Elisha you must understand is a slim young lady and is not heavily muscled. But what she lacks in weight she now makes up for in speed and technique and this was very evident as she attacked the bag with some enthusiasm, proving that it is the technique combined with the speed that will score over muscledom every time.

Harry (3rd Kyu – Brown) was to be Elisha’s partner for her fighting/partner work but he was unfortunately delayed and so she was paired with another student, James 5th Kyu – Purple), who is a big lad. Changing a partner on someone can be enough to instill nerves and put students off their stroke, but Elisha coped brilliantly. I get the 1st Kyus to demonstrate 5 Step Sparring (Go Hon Kumite), 1 step sparring (Kihon Ippon Kumite), 1 step followed sparring (Jyu Ippon Kumite) and Two attack sparring (Okuri Jyu Ippon). James coped very well with being thrown in at the deep end to assist but being purple belt he did not have the necessary experience to help with Okuri Jyu Ippon – so yours truly got up and tested her!

I also tested her on Kata – Empi, Bassai-Dai, Tekki Shodan and Heian Nidan. What an excellent grading she gave – wel done Elisha!

You can see how pleased she is from the photos!IMG_1069IMG_1063

Sensei Bill.

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