A crop of grades at the Buntingford Karate Club

Yes, despite the various restrictions that covid-19 has placed upon us the Buntingford Karate Club is still up and running and we have had some successful candidates taking their grades.

First up were Tara and Phillipe who were going for their 5th Kyu (1st Purple). We were not able to do pair-up work but I threw extra kata at them and then asked them to give a demonstration of what they would do if a certain attack came at them.

Both candidates showed that they had a considerable grasp of the techniques required and both successfully passed.

Then we had Kyler, who was going for his 1st Kyu (the last Brown belt). Kyler’s father Rick also come training with us so we were able to pair the two of them so that Kyler could show us his kumite moves. Another excellent grading.

Well done all – well deserved.

Sensei Bill.