A New Clutch of Belts

Hi Folks. Sorry there has not been a blog of late from the Buntingford Karate Club but apparently there was a problem with the server. Our Rick (who understands these things) has now sorted it out – so I can talk to to you again!

Yes, we’ve had some more gradings. This time for Peter and his son, Freddie, who were going for their first belt colours (Yellow). They did extremely well and I don’t think that it’s going to be too long before their next grading.

Next in line was Brogan. You might recall that he is Martha’s older brother (see my blog last time about Martha). Brogan was full on (if a little quiet) (more noise Brogan!). Brogan turned in a very good performance and is now a very creditable 2nd kyu.

Charlie followed Brogan 2 days later. Charlie is the younger brother to Brogan and Martha and he was going for his first brown belt (3rd kyu). Charlie is only just 10 years old and what he lacked in strength he certainly made up for in speed and enthusiasm! Again, a very good grading.

Well done all.

Sensei Bill.