Abi and Ben get their grades

It’s nice to award belts just before Christmas, in a way it’s like giving away presents.

I am very pleased to say that Ben went for his Orange Belt (8th Kyu) and passed, and Abi went for her Purple/White Stripe Belt (4th Kyu) and passed.

Ben showed the progress he had made over the last few months by pushing up his score points and his success was well deserved.

Abi only passed her Purple Belt (5th Kyu) a few weeks back but she was so good that I told her to take 4th Kyu earlier than normal. Her grading was outstanding with excellent balance, speed, power and technique with a healthy dose of spirit thrown in. She scored a perfect set of 10’s. Normally this would double grade a student but I explained to her that as she had taken the 4th Kyu early this would be hurrying things to much. So I have told her that I want to grade her again for her 3rd Kyu (Brown Belt) in June. She is delighted.

Here’s a couple of shots taken after the grading. Note in the first pic how short Ben is against the taller Harry and then note how high that flying kick is going! Apoligies for the blurred image…..and this was my Canon Camera in “sports” mode!!

Well done both sIMG_1068IMG_1071tudents. You are a credit to your Martial Art.

Sensei Bill



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