Hello Again!

Hi there! Well yes I know that it’s been a little while since I did my last blog for the Buntingford Karate Club, but I have been involved in other projects and Sue and I went away on Holiday to Vietnam. We left the Club in the capable hands of Keith Edwards and I am grateful to him for keeping the club ticking over in our absence.

We have been suffering of late from a lack of members, but this is mainly due to our teenage members having to study and take exams. I really feel sorry for them and the amount of pressure that they are put under. Surely this amount of stress placed on our children cannot be good for them?

Attached are a couple of photos of Sue and I doing Tai Chi at 6.30 in the morning on the “sun deck” of a boat on Halong Bay in Vietnam. Sue and I were they only two people to get up early and try it and we enjoyed it.



The instructor said that we had good balance (we kept it quiet that we both did martial arts…shhh!).IMG_0291



There are a number of Martial Arts techniques that I teach along with Karate, and some I have adapted. One of them is a defencive trap against a punch using the wrist. Having blocked you simply use your trapping wrist to spin the attacking hand. This unbalances the opponent and then a strike with the free hand or an ankle tap with your foot will have your opponent over. Give it a try, but remember that it’s my technique so I have all the royalties!! CJ (see the Instructors section) said it was like a windmill, so we got Rick to check on his all singing all dancing, tea making, dog walking mobile phone thingy to check what the Japanese is for “Windmill” and it is Kazaguruma. So Kazaguruma Uke was born. You saw it here first!

Sensei Bill.

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