Alarm! Don’t panic!

Well training certainly took on a new twist yesterday (31.7.12). I was heading up to Edwinstree Middle School to open the Buntingford Karate Club dojo when I heard an alarm going off. Sure enough it was coming from inside the school. I unlocked the rear door to the gym and opened it and a barrage of noise hit my ears. Someone or something had triggered the alarm. A quick scout around produced no-one hanging out of a window or running ninja-like across the roof so I called the police.

Unfortunately for the members who arrived we could not train as the noise inside the dojo was deafening, so I sent them home. I then waited around as the police said they would contact a key holder to the main building and a short while later the caretaker arrived and silenced the alarm.

Let’s hope that tomorrow night is not as eventful!!

Sensei Bill

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