…and moving on with the Action Films…

Yesterday (Saturday) saw Mr C.J.Hooper, Mr Lou Dyke, Mr Nuvin Ramiah, Mr Paul Fletcher and myself back in front of the lens and under the Direction of our film maker and their able assistant.

The premises we used were hot and stuffy and we spent many hours filming the lead up, fight, and intermediary scenes for our new Action Film, “The Steal”. This film is unlike “The Set Up” because it is more of a short storyline film rather than a showcase for self-defence moves. There are three main fight scenes in this film which I did the fight choreography for. Taking part were CJ and Lou, two of my Assistant Instructors and I managed to persuade (rather easily) Paul Fletcher to take part in yet another production (he was the attacker in “The Set Up”). As we also needed another person who looked a “bit useful”, so we got Nuvin to take part. We were all up for it and, after some long, hot, gruelling, punishing and bruising sessions it all went into “the can”.

There were some amusing moments during the outside filming as we were interrupted by people who walked into the camera shots to ask if they were now on television. Sorry….but you’re not!

The film now has to go for editing and sound.

So watch this space!

Sensei Bill.


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