Big Foot spotted at Buntingford Karate Club!

bigfootWell, first I must apologise for the length of time that we have been without a blog here on the Buntingford Karate Club site. I just do not know where the time went! A number of interesting things happened at the club in the last few weeks but coupled with interesting things at home I was not able to catch up on them. To paraphrase what the Chinese say…. “we live in interesting times”.

Elisha got quite a shock when one night I told her to take the lesson. No preparation, just in at the deep end. She did amazingly well and I watched her confidence grow throughout the two hours that she ran the lesson for. Well done Elisha.

Then on another occassion I ran the upper belts through the kata Meikyo (polished surfaces). This is a very powerful kata, as Sam found out when he landed right foot into Kiba Dachi (horse riding or straddle leg stance) and put his foot through the gym floor. This particular floorboard in the gym has been broken before and was pinned between the two supporting joists. Sam hit it dead centre and it gave way under his foot (see photo of Big Foot).

I have also taken the students through kata Ni Ju Shi Ho and kata Jutte which has broadened their horizons somewhat.

Katie’s dad Terry brings Katie along every Thursday and watches. Then on last Thursday he came over to me and said he thought he’d been watching long enough and he’d like to join. Welcome to Terry. I think that the father/daughter combination will enhance Katie’s skills and give them a mutual interest outside of the home.

We are getting very close to launching our Action Video “The Set Up” and the link should be on this site very soon. Watch this space.

Sensei Bill.

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