Block and Move

This week in the Buntingford Karate Club I concentrated on getting the Students to move over the floor more. To this end I had them attacking each other with roundhouse (mawashi geri) kicks and also Side Thrust Kicks (yoko geri kekomi). Instead of heavy “dead blocks” I got the students to flick their hands over using the strength in their wrists and the backs of their hands to deflect the attack….but then they had to move as well. I am very much against giving up ground to an attacker and I was therefore instructing the students to block and then move immediately afterwards. It proved a little testing for the lower graded belts as some blocked, paused, and then moved whilst others moved and then blocked. The photo shows CJ kicking mawashi geri to Sue (my wife) who is executing the block and is about to move and strike back.

Sensei Bill.

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