Insane Bolt … For The Door

Bolt For The DoorI was pretty eager to get to training today as it was the last session for a while as the club will be closing down for nearly a month for summer holidays, but unfortunately due to work commitments I was running fairly late, so I rushed home to get kitted up and Jaydan and myself headed to the dojo as quickly as we could.

When we turned up there was Sam and Keith there and of course Bill, and Bill said as he thought there was only going to be two people training they planned to shut up shop early so everyone could head back home to watch the impending 200 metre race where Usain Bolt was a keen favourite for the win and even a world record time, after all you don’t get to see historic events like that too often in life.

So two became four, then CJ arrived making five, then the other Sam arrived, six and finally lagging well behind in came Lou making seven which was rather unexpected by Bill as none of us had told him we were running late for various reasons no doubt.

Anyway we got about 45 minutes of KATA training in before we all “Bolt’ed for the door” (Sorry I can’t help myself) to go and watch the historic 200 metres race, which was actually all over in 19.32 seconds 9.69 seconds longer than it took him to run the 100 metres that people paid upwards of £700 / seat to watch in the arena, now there’s value for money!

Oh well look forward to training commencing again in September, till then it may be KATA practice in the garden with Jaydan to prevent rust setting in!!

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