Brogan gets 1st Kyu (his last Brown Belt)

Hi Folks. Tuesday (4/8/20) saw Brogan take his 1st Kyu grade under the Buntingford Karate Club. Brogan (it must be said) had a tendency before the covid lockdown of being a bit laid back and sometimes did not give of his all. However, since our karate club has resumed training out on the school field (with social distancing)he has discovered a new purpose. This was the main reason why I told him he could grade as he was simply training and trying harder. He certainly turned it on in his grading giving a display of controlled power and speed. I asked his sister Martha if she would assist Brogan in his grading because they are from the same household. Martha did a sterling job helping out her brother and, as she is very good at her karate, she was able to give him a good challenge in all of the combat-based part of the exam.

A well deserved Grade Brogan, WELL DONE!

Sensei Bill. Brogan finally got to take his final Brown Belt grade after the covid 19 lockdown. Success!