Brown Belt for Tara

Hi All. Yes, Tara has gained her Brown Belt (3rd Kyu).

After having “a bad day at the office” Tara went for her 3rd Kyu with the Buntingford Karate club. Her focus and work on the kick bag was excellent as was her demonstration of basics and sparring. But oh dear, we had a few hiccups with the Heian katas that we gave her. I knew that she knew the katas very well because I had watched her like a hawk in the lessons leading up to the grading. So, with the Heians out of the way I threw Bassai Dai at her….and she did not put a foot wrong!

So, far from the “car crash Katas” that Tara has referred to, this was all in all a very good grading.

It is the reason why I grade my students instead of leaving it to someone else who might only see them on the day and take their judgement from the one event.

A good grading, even with the hiccups!

Sensei Bill.