Buntingford Carnival Display

Back in 2013 the Buntingford Karate Club was asked by the organisers of the Buntingford Carnival if we would put on a Martial Arts Display. Of course we said yes. As the Carnival runs every other year the carnival was this year (2014) in June.

A large number of the Buntingford Karate Club members volunteered to be in the display and we spent a lesson going over and timing what we would do. We ended up with a twenty minute display which was filmed and which will go onto the website and You Tube shortly.

We decided to do the ten different scenarios in out civvies and not our gi as we would be going down onto the actual road surface of the Buntingford High Street. The sun shone, people packed the street and we had a lot of fun.IMG_0132IMG_0085

See our Action Videos section for the film when it gets posted soon.

Sensei Bill.

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