Buntingford Karate Club have a Civic Afternoon.

Hi All. Apologies for not blogging recently but I have been terribly busy at home and also went away on holiday to Cuba. Anyway, I should not drop names…Mick Jagger told me that.

Since last we “spoke” we have started a new beginners course. We had four young lads turn up and ALL of them had traced the Buntingford Karate Club through this website! Since then I have had a further two call me at home to ask details. When I told our resident Website/Internet wizard Rick about this he just grinned at me. Clever bloke is our Rick.

Then the Buntingford Karate Club received an invitation to attend a Civic Afternoon at our Local Community Centre. I quickly built a four foot by two foot displayboard and one of our members (Marcus) ran up some flyers and business cards and we were in operation at 1pm til 4pm this last Saturday. The lady in the photo of our promotional table is Sensei Sue. IMG_0221

We had a lot of interest, and if it was YOU that came along and spoke to us we are grateful for your interest. As the Community Centre has a stage we put on some demonstrations, and I would like to thank both Harry and Abi for taking part (although the incentive of cake had something to do with their enthusiasm!!).

All in all a good result.

Whilst we were there Marcus was trying to get his father to take part in a camel race. We are not sure if Keith actually has to race the camel, or just watch camels racing…..no-one seems to know….but here’s a photo of the camel. And no, I do not know what it’s name is. But I bet it eats cake.IMG_0219

Sensei Bill (I’m losing it).


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