Buntingford Karate Club now back in Business

Hi Folks. Good News. The Buntingford Karate Club has received permission from the school to allow us to resume training indoors.

Quite rightly I had to send the school a Risk Assessment and a Training Policy which was accepted and passed by the school. Accordingly we started training in our dojo again yesterday (Tuesday 1st September). The information for the Risk Assessment and Training Policy was gathered from the Government Website, Shi Kon Budo Kai and the English Karate Federation. A big thank you is due to Caroline (Caz) Rowe of Shi Kon who steered me in the right direction. And a big thank you is also due to Edwinstree School, Buntingford, for their encouragement and continued support.

I had written to all members and given them a copy of the training policy and, because they are a responsible group of students, they went along with and complied to all of our rules and regulations. So, I thank them as well.

It is true that I had to slightly alter the way that we train (no pair work, no (alas) freestyle and no kiais), but things went smoothly enough and the session was enjoyed by all.

All members of the Buntingford Karate Club have received a copy of the new Training Policy. If you want a copy of it then please send us a request on an e mail and we’ll send one back by reply.

Sensei Bill.