Carnival Time

Yes Folks, it was the Bi-Annual Buntingford Carnival on Saturday 18th June and once again the Buntingford Karate Club were asked to put on a display. Nine of the members were able to take part with my wife Sue handling the props – and there were a lot of props!

We never do a traditional Shotokan Karate demonstration because the general viewing public just do not know what they are looking at and so we do a series of “sketches” where we act out street self defence with comedy thrown in. Thus the props this year included a Superman cape, a Victoria sponge with extra cream added, a glass of water, a blue wig, a buggy with a REALLY ugly baby, a broom and numerous vegetables!

You had to be there!

It was great fun and we do it for free. Here are a couple of pics showing some of the members and the reason for the Superman cape – there are more pics and a video to follow.

Sensei Bill