Charlie gets 2nd Kyu

Hi All.

Charlie came to the Buntingford Karate Club with his two older siblings: Older brother Brogan and older sister Martha.

Over the few months before lockdown Charlie worked towards his 2nd Kyu (Brown belt with one white stripe) and then the pandemic hit. However, Sue and I have been able to open and run the club outside on the school field (weather permitting) and Charlie impressed me with his karate that had not “gone off” over the period that we could not meet to train. It would have been unfair to delay Charlie any longer, so yesterday, Tuesday 14th July, Charlie took his 2nd Kyu. Sue and I acted as examiners as we are allowed to sit together and I got Charlie to do his partner work with Brogan.

Despite being a bundle of nerves Charlie gave a very competent performance. He demonstrated that his focus and balance has improved together with his fluidity and speed of movement.

Well done Charlie!

Also, as you can see from the photo below, we now have an enormous green dojo!

Sensei Bill.