Christmas Grading Success!!

Well, what a lead up to Christmas at the Buntingford Karate Club! First of all Jake Dix graded to Brown Belt 1st Kyu (the one before Black) just two weeks ago. Then on 20th December Rick Duncan successfully graded to Yellow belt, Abi Freeman graded to Green belt, Harry Barnes graded to Purple and White, and Elisha Edwards graded to Brown and White (2nd Kyu). Well done to you all!

Then….because Lou had stepped in at a moment’s notice to help me out when my voice failed following a flu jab (see earlier Blog) as far as I was concerned this was the thing that decided me that Lou should get his Black Belt. Lou is always helpful and he keeps his considerable power and flexibility under control. The ideal Black Belt.

In the Buntingford Karate Club I do not hold a Black Belt grading as such. What I tell people when they get their Brown Belts is that Brown Belt means you are studying for Black. from getting your last Brown belt (1st Kyu) to Black Belt is a year’s training in which you must have taken the class at least twice and taken the exercises at least twice. Along with this you are expected to improve and improve and improve. Then, when you have completed at least a year’s training I award you your Black belt without any grading or demand for money. After all, if I don’t know of your capability by then, when will I?

Well done to all of those who graded.

Sensei Bill.

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