Competition time….?

Some years ago the Buntingford karate Club used to regularly enter Karate Tournaments. We did quite well and brought off a few competent first places. I even managed to get two of the then members (one man and one woman) onto the reserve English Karate Governing Board squad.

However, in recent years the interest within the club has dwindled. Well, you cannot force people to want to take part in a competition now matter how good they are. That is……

….Until last week. For some inexplicable reason some of the members decided that they would like to enter Kata and Freestyle competitions. Thus I have been scouring the local sports venues to see what is coming up and hopefully we can put some of the members in. I will keep you informed through these blogs.

In the meantime the film developing and filming for the Action Videos tag goes on apace. Our Rick turned up with a heavy cold and a light camera last week and asked if he could film the club with the idea of getting some starter footage of the Buntingford Karate Club onto You Tube. You can see the results of his labours on the rest of the website.

Sensei Bill

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