Darkness and Light (at the end of the tunnel).

Another good week of training just gone by. Tuesday was well attended despite all the colds and viruses that seem to be lurking about lately.

On Tuesday I decided to turn the lights out again and get the students to do 1 step sparring in the dark – and I mean DARK. It is however quite surprising how one’s eyes go over to night vision with the complete absence of light and just how easy it is to then spar in the dark. Fortunately we wear white Gi as I think this would be almost impossible with black Gi! Someone is bound to make a crack here about deadly Ninja training! Once the students had proved that they could handle this I made them finish the training with freestyle sparring in the dark. It certainly sharpens up your reflexes, awareness and focus as you have to be careful where that kick lands!

On Thursday the lowest graded belt I had in attendance was Harry, who is purple white belt (4th Kyu) and so I took them all through Kwanku-Sho and introduced many of them to Ji’on (pronounced gee-on, with the G like the J in jump). It is thought to be of Chinese origin and is named after the temple at Ji’on where the monks learned Martial Arts. As the number of upper belts is increasing in the Buntingford Karate Club it is now time for those members to start to learn more of the higher katas. And they certainly seem keen to try them, which is always encouraging.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel with our long awaited mini film and I am hopeful that it won’t be too long before the link is attached to this website. On another note I can announce that I am working on another film which has the working title of “Hit the Button”. It is a short film based on a chase and a big fight scene. What is the plot about? Well, you’ll just have to wait to find out……………

Sensei Bill

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