Hi Folks. Last night I decided to devote some time to Street Self Defence with particular reference to knife attacks. We use rubber knives in the Buntingford Karate Club but the students are asked to regard them in the same way as a real knife. I even insist that when they hand them to someone else that they do so in the correct manner of hilt first and blade downwards.

It is surprising how quickly the members start to treat the rubber knife as the real thing and are keen to get the blocks and avoidance moves right first time. Their lives, after all, might one day depend on this.

In the Buntingford Karate Club we regularly go over Street Self Defence techniques working in the street skills with our karate and martial arts training.

If you are interseted and can put together a private group for a one-off “DON’T PANIC!” course then check out the self-defence tag on the Home Page. I have also put some more “streetwise” photos into the wording. I hope you like them. Perhaps you will recognise Lou from “The Steal” video. Check that out on our Action Movies tag.

Sensei Bill.

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