Elisha takes a lesson

Last Tuesday our Elisha took the lesson at the Buntingford Karate Club. Elisha is a 1st Kyu which means that her next belt is Black. As part of the training for Black Belt the brown belt students of the Buntingford Karate Club are expected to take at least two lessons.

Elisha had already taken a lesson at 2nd Kyu and I asked her to take another. She really (like REALLY) does not like taking lessons. However, because I knew it would help to build her confidence and because I knew that she could do it I insisted that she take the lesson.


Elisha’s lesson was fantastic. She started out with some trepidation but gradually warmed to the fact that she was in charge. I had very little to correct her on and the students all enjoyed it.

Well Done Elisha.

Sensei Bill.


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