My First Experience With Heian Sandan

So tonight after a little basic training we moved onto a Kata that I have until last night not even seen let alone performed, this was Heian Sandan.

Heian Sandan is the next in line after the Kata I must do to get my yellow belt so it’s always good to get ahead of yourself with kata that may take you slightly out of your comfort zone but gets you really confident in doing it way before needed … you never know getting that far ahead may give you the opportunity to double grade.

So my initital thoughts on first seeing/performing Heian Sandan was it’s difficult, but actually on doing it a few times it’s not as difficult as it seems inititally. Bill’s a good teacher and I think the throwing you into the deep end is a good approach … I mean what’s the worst that can happen, you can’t do it all completely … and what?

So my only issue with Heian Sandan was the last few moves, I definitely need practise but given time I am more than confident that I will get it and perform it well, especially when the time comes.

As ever here is how Heian Sandan looks, courtesy of a video I nicked on YouTube

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