Four New Yellow Belts for our Club

Hi Folks. It was a strange thing, but during last years Covid lockdown we had eight people contact us at the Buntingford Karate Club to start lessons. Unfortunately we had to put them on a waiting list until we could re-open and start running normal lessons. Of those eight beginners four dropped out after starting with us, although we hope to see some of them again.

It left us with the four students that you see in the picture here and on the home page. They have all been working hard at their new chosen martial art and they have proved to be a great asset to our club.

The problem that I had was actually getting the belts! Indeed, young Dinos (that’s him on the right in the photo) had to wait ages for his gi because our martial arts equipment suppliers had run out of his size and the container was stuck somewhere (does this sound familiar?). However, the gi problem was finally solved and then enter one of our club’s black belts, Dave Thorne. Dave came to the rescue with a clutch of yellow belts so that the four students could at least put on the belt colour that they passed last night.

For their first grading they all did really well. Anyone’s first grading is always a little nerve-racking so it was good to see them all triumph. Smiles all round from (left to right) our new 9th kyu students Finn, Chantelle, Aisha and Dinos.

Well done all!

Sensei Bill.