Goodbye Harry (for now).

Hi Folks.

Last week Harry came along to what might be his last training session with us for quite a while. Harry joined the Buntingford Karate Club as a white belt when he was still at school (and when he was considerably shorter than what he is now) and it was my pleasure to eventually grade him to Black Belt.

Harry has always had a good command of the various Kata that we perform, and his swan-song with us was Unsu (not for the feint hearted).

Harry met a lovely young lady called Chloe and they left school together and both went to Aberystwyth University – Harry doing Psychology and Chloe studying Marine Biology. They have decided to get married (to each other!) and Harry has asked me to be his Best Man – what an honour.

Having finished their studies they are going to live on Anglesey, which means we won’t be seeing much of them, but Sue and I are certainly going to keep in touch with this lovely couple, and Harry says that whenever he can get back here to see family he will come along to train. He and Chloe will always be welcome.

Strangely, Sue and I have a lovely niece called Kathryn who studied and passed a Degree in Marine Biology at Aberystwyth Uni…and she lives on Anglesey!

Harry is going on to do a Masters Degree and then a PhD. He hopes to be able to incorporate his knowledge of Karate into his Up-coming studies as part of a dissertation and I have said that I will help him if he needs advice. Sue and I and all of the Buntingford Karate Club wish Harry and Chloe all the best.

Sensei Bill.