Where did all the Low Grades go (2)?

Strange….but it’s happened again! I had a class full of upper belts on Tuesday 30th April from 4th Kyu (purple and white) upwards. The 4th Kyu is Harry and I have informed him that he is nearly ready for his brown belt (3rd kyu) so he is now practising like a thing possessed.

As they were quite an experienced bunch I ran them through all of the Heian Katas and polished and polished. They really are very good. Then we went through, Tekki Shodan, Enpi, Kwanku Sho and Meikyo.

We have a slight problem with Elisha’s legs at the moment in that she seems to be growing out of them and leaving her knee caps behind which is giving her some problems, but if I know Elisha she will overcome this problem. Keep up those physio exercises!

Unfortunately, and after seeming so keen, we have not laid eyes on Ali again. She does a lot of dancing and I know she injured her arm but it would have been nice to have her in the Buntingford Karate Club as she seemed so up for it and alive.

Sensei Bill.

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