Hacked off!

Sorry if you have tried to view this site over the last few days and found it unable to be accessed. Unfortunately the server was hacked and so the website had to be taken down. Isn’t it a shame that some people seem to find it amusing to mess up the internet? Weak minded individuals if you ask me. They need to get out more.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. On Tuesday 7th August I took the class through something that I have not done for quite a while….I started by giving them a simple upper block (age uke) moving forwards across the dojo. Every time we came back to square one and started again I added another technique until a multiple combination was being carried out. This taxed them to their limits and was not only good for their techniques but also taxed their memories!

I moved onto combination speed punching where I kept changing the direction of attack – very useful for training against multiple attackers.

I then gave them some kick combinations and rounded off the basics (Kihon) with spinning back kick training and reverse roundhouse (ushiro mawashi geri). Being a warm evening they got through a lot of water!!

Finally I had them up individually to go through a variety of kata – Meikyo, Bassai Dai, Enpi and Gankaku for the upper belts and Heian Nidan for the lower grades.

Sensei Bill.

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