It’s All Happening!

Typical isn’t it? You don’t write anything in the Blog for days and then all sorts of reasons to write turn up at once!

First Off the Buntingford karate Club has a grading on 28th November for Elisha for her 1st Kyu (last brown belt). She has been putting in a lot of work over the last few months and has trained with leg injuries and often in some pain. What spirit!

We also have a grading on 5th December for Ben, Rick and Abi. They have also been putting in a lot of work (and getting rid of their nasty habits) and are ready to grade. I am sure they will do well.

Harry is also ready to grade for his next brown belt (2nd Kyu) and I will try and get him in before Christmas.

Pics to follow (hopefully of happy smiling faces).

We also have Vicky starting her beginners course under Sue’s tutalage and fisrt reports of her are encouraging – It means we’ll have FIVE girls in the club! I really cannot stress the importance enough of girls (of all ages) learning a martial art for self defence.

Abi recently asked if she could learn the brown belt/black belt kata called Bassai Dai. So I placed her in the middle of a group of belts who all knew the kata and half an hour later she’d got it! Well done Abi!

Unfortunately we also received a letter of notice of increase in fees for the hire of the Dojo from the local school. This means that we must pass this increase on to the students. So we are having to increase the fees by .50p to £5.50p for two hours training. The increase from the school is in January but we will hold off our increase until 1st April (no April Fool this!!).

More to follow soon/

Sensei Bill

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