HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! This week  (7th and 9th) saw the return to training after the festive season of the members of the Buntingford Karate Club. Despite a few creaks and groans from some members (had they been practicing over the holidays?!) the students performed very well.

There was some sad news that jayden had decided to “drop out” of karate for no other reason than she did not want to do it any more. This is fair enough, and it happens. I told her that I hold nothing against her decision and that she is welcome back should she ever decide to return.

In the meantime Vicky has completed her beginners course most ably and has joined the club full time….one door closes…etc.

Also, back from University for a short while were Mat and Sam and it was good to see them before they head back to their studies.

I kept my eye on Rick and he is due very soon for a grading, as is Jake (who should get Black Belt) and Harry (who should get Brown Belt 2nd Kyu). So, despite the hiccup with Jatden all is looking good for the coming year.

Sensei Bill.

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