Harry Gets 2nd Kyu Brown Belt!

Following on from Jake Dix, Harry Barnes took his 2nd Kyu (Brown belt with 1 white stripe) last night and easily passed. Harry also studies Tae Kwon Do and his extra Martial Arts work is paying off.

He had to demonstrate his  punching and kicking power on a kick bag. Then he had some complicated basics to get through. I gave him Five katasIMG_1038 to perform and then he had to demostrate a variety of defences in One Step sparring, Jyu Ippon and Okuri Jyu Ippon. He then had to use his self defence techniques against bottle and knife attacks and fend off a mugger intent on strangling him – needless to say Harry survived!

Harry now has a set 9 months period before he can take his last Brown Belt before Black Belt.

Well Done Harry!

Sensei Bill.

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