Hi Ho Haito

This last week (Tuesday and Thursday) saw an increase in numbers of members attending classes at the Buntingford Karate Club for which I am, of course, highly delighted and very grateful. A full class, although being somewhat harder to keep your eye on, creates it’s own busy atmosphere and everyone trains even harder.

I decided to give the students some variations on themes and one of these was the Ridge Hand Strike known as Haito Uchi. When executing this it is important that your thumb is tucked well in out of sight to avoid getting your thumb dislocated on impact! The picture shows how the thumb should be tucked away (thank you CJ for the use of your hand).

I also got the students to form into groups of threes and got them to perform Heian Nidan as a Team Kata. Abi, Elisha and Harry were particularly good at this and I am seriously considering entering them into a Kata competition. I think that they could do very well representing the Buntingford Karate Club.

I also got the students to partner up and attack each other with the Roundhouse kick Mawashi Geri and the Side Thrust Kick Yoko Geri Kekomi. I introduced some very simple deflection blocks that are never-the-less very fast and very effective.

Meanwhile the final stages of the two videos are coming along apace and it should not be too long before we can go LIVE with them and get onto You Tube.

Sensei Bill.

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