Karate Club’s own Pocket Rocket gets Red belt

Hi All. Dae-Zee Mae is an amazing young lady. She took her grading for her 8th Kyu Orange belt on Thursday 28th October and so impressed myself and our Assistant Instructor Keith that we double-graded her to 7th Kyu Red belt.

Dae-Zee Mae’s balance and core is so strong that she is able to carry out the most advanced kicks with no apparent effort. When I asked her “Can you do a spin kick?” she answered “I’ll give it a go” and proceeded to astound us. I gave her more than the 8th or 7th kyu syllabus required, and she walked it – and all with a big smile on her face.

As you can see from the photo, at the moment she is not very tall. But I have the feeling that she will grow in confidence as well as height!

Well Done Dae-Zee Mae!

Sensei Bill.