Kata and Triangles

This week (Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th July) I spent some time going over the Kata that the various students should be getting competent in. I have three new beginners in the club who normally come along on a Thursday but unfortunately Sam could not make it this week so Ben and Jaden went through Heian Nidan. Although they have not graded yet and only need to know Taikyoku I think it is good for the lower belts to learn as much as they can about Kata in their training. Apart from anything else it stops them sitting around getting bored when the other belts are up and running with half a dozen Katas!

I also had an uneven number training on Tuesday night so instead of one step sparring with two people I did it in a triangle and got them to pass around the triangle like a relay with the direction of attack being altered when I called it. It kept everybody on their toes!

I went through Kata again on Thursday and ended with Freestyle but made the students fight with their “best hand” behind their backs.

Sensei Bill.

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