As you know, as a result of a recent abduction of a woman walking home there has (quite rightly)been an outcry from women about their safety on our streets.

I am not sure what the government (any government) can do to stop this, but I know what women could do to make themselves aware of stalkers and followers, and how to protect themselves – join a martial arts club or take a self-defence course.

Here at the Buntingford Karate Club I have been teaching street self-defence for years, for both men and women. You do not need a great level of fitness to protect yourselves and a few few simple rules can allow a person to avoid situations that may be, or seem to be, threatening.

Our Karate club can always make a course for you or a group of you at very reasonable rates. If you want to know more then just give me a call on 01763 273 123, or e mail me on

Stay safe!

Sensei Bill.